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Tuesday Tips: School Budget Challenges and the End of ESSERs

Grow Schools

May 16, 2024

School Budget Challenges And The End Of ESSERs

On this episode of Tuesday Tips, we were joined by experts Raj Thakkar and Priscilla Everhart to discuss school budget challenges and the end of ESSERs. Here are the session’s top three tips, and watch the full video below.

  1. Prioritize tough staffing decisions early. Making difficult decisions about retaining or repurposing staff upfront can help soften the landing when facing budget shortfalls. It is crucial to be proactive in addressing personnel costs, which are typically the largest expense.
  2. Focus on maintaining high enrollment. Keeping enrollment numbers robust is vital, as declining enrollment can exacerbate budget challenges. Explore various tactics to maximize student recruitment and retention efforts during this period.
  3. Emphasize transparency and clear decision frameworks. Striking the right balance between openness and stability is essential. Establish clear decision-making frameworks, communication timelines, and strategies for sharing information openly while avoiding unnecessary panic or disruption within the organization.