A Reliable Flow of Money During Challenging Times for ELITE Public Schools

“Because there is hope, good things are going to start happening. They’re happening every day here at ELITE Public Schools.”

CEO Ramona Bishop, Visionary and President and CEO of ELITE Public Schools

The school leaders at ELITE Public Schools are dedicated to eliminating the opportunity gap for Black and Brown kids. Their mission is to provide the support necessary to attend four-year universities, and their graduates are fluent in English, Spanish, and coding.

Elite school mural
Group of diverse children celebrating

ELITE Public Schools began during the 2019-2020 school year, a difficult school year for everyone. Their home of Vallejo, California faced power outages and extreme weather on top of the spring emergence of COVID-19.

That year, the leaders at ELITE discovered they needed $1mm in advance money to keep their school running—they knew they needed to partner with someone who understood their vision.

ELITE partnered to get the money to run their school. As a result of that partnership, their programs strengthened—during the pandemic, ELITE saw enrollment numbers grow. 

ELITE is now firmly established and partners with UC Davis to help kids on the path to earning college degrees.

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