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Our Approach

We’re dedicated to getting you the money, resources, and know-how to create thriving schools.

“We would not have any of our buildings—or anything that we have at this school…[they] provided the funding and the avenue for us to expand to what we wanted to be.”

Wes Graner, Executive Director of STARS Charter School

“Our teams are connected.”

Ramona Bishop, President/CEO ELITE Public Schools

“We’ve been able to strategically plan our growth…and at the same time be comprehensive in education.”

Craig Cason, DuBois Integrity Academy

“We were able to double our enrollment in one year.”

Yvonne Bullock, Indy STEAM Academy

“What’s kept us together is truly the partnership. The team at Grow Schools is really dedicated and cares about each school they work with. They could be staff members.”

Anne Ortiz, Edge High School

“We welcomed more students than prior years thanks to their partnership.”

Joe Mehsling , Executive Director Twin Peaks Classical Academy


Money, Resources, and Know-How

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Facility Financing

Money to Buy Your School

Find a forever home that serves your school’s mission.

Get Started

Close on a property in as few as 90 days.

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Enrollment Marketing

Kids to Fill Your School

Get customized support that empowers you to take your school’s message forward and impact your enrollment.

Begin Partnership

The schools we worked with increased their enrollment by an average of 43%, with some surpassing 100%.

Students running up stairs inside a school with a colorful rainbow mural.
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Working Capital

Money to Run Your School

Pay teachers and staff, buy learning technology and supplies, complete projects, and improve your school building.

Access Money Now

The money you need, when you need it.

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Partners with Purpose

How We Can Help

  • School Leaders
  • Back Office Providers
  • Charter Management Organizations
  • School Property Owners
  • Brokers or Developers

Money, Resources, and Know-How

We share your belief that your students are what matter most. You can get what you need to build and grow a nourishing learning environment.

I’m a School Leader

Partnering for School Success

As we help schools grow, we work alongside back office providers to provide schools better access to money, programs, and resources.

I’m a BOP

Champions for Charter Management

As advocates for schools’ growth and success, we are aligned in the mission to ensuring schools have the necessary money, resources, and support to thrive.

I’m a CMO

A Buyer Who Sees the Enhanced Value in Your Building

As an established, consistent buyer of school buildings, Grow Schools offers owners higher values for their buildings.

I’m a Property Owner

Helping Schools Create Nurturing Learning Environments

We help schools get the money they need, grow enrollment, and embark on the path to building ownership.

I’m a Broker/Developer