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The money you need, when you need it.

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Pay teachers and staff, buy learning technology and supplies, complete projects, and improve your school building.

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Sustain and grow your school.

Pay teachers and staff, buy supplies, and improve your school building.


Gain a team to support you.

We’ll help you plan, build, and fill your school with kids.

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Grow Schools Growth Guide Cover

The Charter School Growth Guide: Grow Your School at Every Stage

Whether you’re just beginning the process of starting up a charter school, looking to expand, or trying to prioritize your next steps, this guide is for you. You’ll find advice from experienced charter school leaders who deeply understand the unique terrain of charter school growth—they have been where you are now. You’ll get tips for you and your team on developing a strong charter, building culture and community support, and boosting your financing and practices to support your growth.

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How We Can Help

  • School Leaders
  • Back Office Providers
  • Charter Management Organizations
  • School Property Owners
  • Brokers or Developers

Money, Resources, and Know-How

We share your belief that your students are what matter most. You can get what you need to build and grow a nourishing learning environment.

I’m a School Leader

Partnering for School Success

As we help schools grow, we work alongside back office providers to provide schools better access to money, programs, and resources.

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Champions for Charter Management

As advocates for schools’ growth and success, we are aligned in the mission to ensuring schools have the necessary money, resources, and support to thrive.

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A Buyer Who Sees the Enhanced Value in Your Building

As an established, consistent buyer of school buildings, Grow Schools offers owners higher values for their buildings.

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Helping Schools Create Nurturing Learning Environments

We help schools get the money they need, grow enrollment, and embark on the path to building ownership.

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