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Why We Exist

At Grow Schools, we exist for one important reason: to support and empower school leaders. We’ve been doing just that for over 17 years.  

Our Vision

All kids have access to a nurturing school environment where they can flourish.

Holistic Support

Getting you the money, resources, and know-how to create thriving schools.

No One Size Fits All

Every school is different, so we offer support based on your needs and goals.

A Legacy of Partnership

Guided by over a decade of experience working with charter schools.

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The Heart of Grow Schools

Our Exceptional Team

Behind the impactful work accomplished at Grow Schools stands a remarkable team. Our team embodies our core values: empathy, stability, creativity, courage, and transparency. Coming from backgrounds, including finance, law, real estate, marketing, non-profit, technology, and education, the team’s collective experience helps Grow Schools offer a holistic approach to serving schools.

Sustainability, Social, and Governance Commitment

Grow Schools, as a signatory to the United Nations Principals of Responsible Investing (UNPRI), prioritizes Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters. We diligently participate in the annual UNPRI assessment and accreditation process. At the Executive Team and Board of Directors levels, we also emphasize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as well as Human Rights. Our dedication to these issues is evident by our efforts to improve the social and environmental fabric of the local communities across the world.

School Infrastructure Fund

The School Infrastructure Fund invests in U.S. school facilities to help address the critical funding gap in school infrastructure via a unique partnership between American Infrastructure Partners and Grow Schools. In doing so, we partner with school leaders and communities to deliver enhanced education facilities that enable academic success.

Helping Your School Grow

Meet the Team
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Tony Solorzano

Client Services Representative

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Kaelia Neal

Senior Inside Sales Representative

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Kirt Nilsson


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Michelle Lohner

Senior Account Manager