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Growing with Us

Why charter schools?

Charter schools are the homes of education’s great innovators. Aligned in the mission of every kid having access to a nourishing learning environment, our range of offerings has expanded to meet charter schools’ needs: providing money where it’s needed, getting schools into their forever homes, offering comprehensive resources, and partnering for enrollment marketing—all with the goal of charter school success.

How many schools have you partnered with?

Formerly called Charter School Capital, Grow Schools has, for the past 15 years, provided $3 billion in funding and resources to more than 900 charter schools, supporting more than 3 million students those charter schools have served.

What makes working with Grow Schools unique?

At Grow Schools, we’re your partners in creating thriving schools. We’re here to listen, understand, and provide ways to make a difference. Our team is committed to building sustaining, long-term, supportive relationships with schools.

What does Grow Schools’s holistic support look like?

We’re committed to growing every aspect of your unique school—with money to run your school, money to buy your school, and kids to fill your school. We’ll also support you with comprehensive resources and know-how, helping you become beacons of stability in your communities.

Money to Run Your School

How soon can I get funding?

Your first funding normally takes four weeks. After your first funding, it typically takes two weeks to fund.

How do I qualify?

Our documentation requirements start with your charter and your financials. Your Client Services Representative will guide you through the process.

How much does it cost?

Costs change relative to interest rates. Costs are known, upfront, and fixed, even when state payments are delayed. There’s no charge for you to participate, nor a cost to you if your need stops.

Kids to Fill Your School

Can you partner with brand new schools that haven’t opened yet?

We partner with schools at any growth stage—from start-up to expanding your programs and offerings.

Can I pick and choose what kind of support I want?

Your team of marketing experts designs an action-oriented campaign that’s specific to your school. Depending on your needs, support may include brand elements, social media strategy, event planning support, online and offline advertising, website support, marketing emails, and blog posts.

Are marketing materials locked into a CRM or paywalled service?

We give you ownership of all items we create. Your team can continue using the strategy and materials we build together into the future. We do not lock you into any specific CRM or paywalled services.

What are my payment options?

We offer payment options to work with your needs and budget. We offer pay-for-performance, blended, and fixed fee if it more closely fits your needs. All plans provide the same holistic partnership.

Money to Buy Your School

How does it work?

We buy your school and form a long-term partnership with you, leasing it back, often for reduced monthly rent. Yearly rent increases are only to keep pace with cost-of-living increases, so your school can use funds toward improving and growing programs.

How quickly can we move?

We can acquire your forever home in as fast as 90 days. Many schools move in immediately, while others spend time on building improvements before doing so.

What is the path to ownership?

Rent payments set you on the path to ownership through a tax-exempt bond. While in the bond, we continue to support you, and as you grow, you can access funds for your school.

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