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Tuesday Tips: How to Advertise Your School

Grow Schools

April 30, 2024

How To Advertise Your School

On this episode of Tuesday Tips, we were joined by expert Ashley MacQuarrie to discuss best practices for advertising your school. Here are the session’s top three tips, and watch the full video below.

  1. Effective ads need to be creative and targeted. Ads should cut through the noise and speak directly to the audience’s values and needs. Branding should be consistent and instantly recognizable, focusing on benefits rather than features.
  2. Consider context and placement. Tailor the ad content and placement to specific channels and mediums where the target audience is likely to engage. For offline ads like billboards, keep the message concise and memorable, considering factors like location and visibility.
  3. Track and measure effectiveness. Implement tracking mechanisms like conversion pixels on websites to monitor the performance of ads. Analyze metrics such as website traffic, phone calls, and conversions to assess the ROI of advertising efforts. Continuously test and refine ad strategies based on data insights to optimize performance and maximize results.