“We would not have any of our buildings—or anything that we have at this school…[they] provided the funding and the avenue for us to expand to what we wanted to be.”

Wes Graner, Executive Director of STARS Charter School

Providing Money for Growth at STARS Charter

Sandhills Theatre Arts Renaissance School (STARS) opened in 1999, serving grades K-10. The program at STARS places equal emphasis on the arts and academics, preparing student-artists for well-rounded lives.

Bookshelves and desks in STARS Academy classroom Classroom with blue chairs and bright decorations

At the beginning, STARS had one building. As their programs grew, they had a waitlist but couldn’t accommodate more kids. STARS needed autonomy over their school’s home, so in 2018 they partnered with Grow Schools, starting on the path to building ownership.

In order to expand their space and grow their programs, STARS partnered with Grow Schools and got access to a flow of money. They were able to complete building projects with minimal disruptions to their thriving programs. With the new, improved space, STARS has been able to dramatically increase enrollment.

STARS continues to grow today. They have now partnered with Grow Schools to develop plans for an additional 51,000 square feet on their property—including three new buildings, a play area, and a parking lot.

Yellow buses lined up in front of large school building
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