The goal of digital marketing is to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time—and in a meaningful way. You can refine your school’s messaging, set strategic marketing goals, and achieve them through a variety of digital marketing strategies. It can be helpful to view these strategies in categories: awareness, engagement, conversion, and loyalty. With an enrollment marketing partnership, you can get support for specific tactics that fall into each of these marketing categories.

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Generating awareness about your school involves showcasing what you do, what grades you serve, and how you contribute to the community. In short—what makes your school special? Your school’s website and social media accounts are good examples of awareness tactics.

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Boosting engagement means offering your community a way to engage with your school. Things like events, webinars, blog articles, and downloadable resources are good examples of engagement.

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Conversion marketing tactics tend to be more focused and labor-intensive, and can include things like one- on-one meetings with families and school tours.

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By providing the best possible education, communicating simply, being sincere, saying thank you, and giving back to your community, you’ll create a network of champions—students and parents who will recommend your school to donors who won’t hesitate to write you a check at this time next year.

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