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Charter School Capital Is Now Grow Schools

Grow Schools

November 1, 2023

Charter School Capital Is Now Grow Schools

News from us today: Charter School Capital has a new name. Say hello to Grow Schools!

A Legacy of Support

For 17 years, we’ve forged long-term relationships with schools—offering them sustaining, holistic support. We offer schools financial support, partner with schools on the path to building ownership, and help them reach their enrollment goals. We also offer a range of resources and expert guidance to help schools thrive as they grow. Over the years, we’ve been honored to build meaningful, long-term relationships with the schools we serve—raising $3 billion to help 900+ schools flourish, and getting 3+ million kids access a nurturing school environment.

As schools’ needs evolve, we evolve our support—and we needed a name to reflect that dynamic. As we brainstormed what to call ourselves, we were driven by the desire to better express the depth and breadth of our solutions for schools; we wanted a name that better reflected our values, our mission, and our dedication to school success.

Time for a Change

The name Grow Schools points directly to our vision: that all kids have access to a nurturing school environment where they can thrive. Our new name also reflects our mission: to help school leaders get where they’re going with the money, resources, and know-how to create thriving schools. 

Don’t miss our new case studies, where you’ll find inspiring stories of school leaders like Craig Cason, Executive Director and Founder of DuBois Integrity Academy, or Dr. Ramona Bishop, Visionary, President, and CEO of Elite Public Schools. You’ll find stories of schools getting the resources they need to thrive—dive into those stories now.

We’re excited to step into this next chapter alongside the amazing school leaders we serve. We look forward to serving you as Grow Schools with the same holistic support we’ve always provided.

Here’s the next 17 years and beyond. From all of us at Grow Schools, thank you—and let’s go!

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