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Tuesday Tips: Post-ESSER Budget Challenges

Grow Schools

April 16, 2024

Post ESSER Budget Challenges

This week, we were joined by Dr. Marlaina Palmeri and Ryan Eldridge to discuss post-ESSER budget challenges.

Here are this session’stop 3 tips:
  1. Plan strategically, act swiftly. Especially when it comes to securing funding and managing budget constraints.
  2. Consider adopting zero-based budgeting practices. This approach involves reevaluating expenses from scratch and prioritizing evidence-based programs and positions that align with the school’s mission and goals.
  3. Diversify funding sources. Engage with local community boards, nonprofit organizations, and corporate partners.
Hear the full conversation between Dr. Palmeri and Ryan Eldridge on post-ESSER budget strategy in the video below.