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Tuesday Tips: Compensation Strategies for Teacher Retention

Grow Schools

May 28, 2024

Compensation Strategies For Teacher Retention

On this episode of Tuesday Tips, we were joined by expert Jennifer Svendsen, Principal at Edgility Consulting, to preview our upcoming webinar on compensation strategies for teacher satisfaction and retention. The session’s top three tips and video are below.

  1. Understanding teacher needs and transparency. Effective compensation strategies begin with understanding what teachers want and need. Common concerns include a lack of clarity and transparency about how pay is determined and whether their salaries are competitive. Schools should engage with teachers to identify these concerns and make pay structures clear and accessible.
  2. Market competitiveness. Schools should compare their salary scales against top competitors in their area. Doing so can involve researching publicly available salary data from other schools and districts to ensure competitive pay. Adjust your compensation structures to be competitive, considering cost of living adjustments and aligning pay with the market to attract and retain quality teachers.
  3. Aligning compensation with talent strategy. Schools must clearly define their talent strategy—whether they aim to attract top performers or newer teachers—and adjust their compensation plans accordingly. Understanding the target percentile for pay within the market and designing salary structures to meet these strategic goals are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in attracting and retaining talent.