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TPCSA – Timing is Everything: Preparing for the Perfect Moment to Buy Your School

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March 5, 2023

TPCSA – Timing Is Everything Preparing For The Perfect Moment To Buy Your School

In partnership with Texas Public Charter Schools Association, this webinar was hosted on their Course Catalog. If you’re a TPCSA member, check out more sessions here.

Jon Dahlberg and Tony Solorzano discussed as the economic landscape shifts, so might your plans to buy your school. The dream is still possible, but planning is key to making it happen. You’ll want to be equipped to identify the ideal buying conditions and be ready to go when they arrive. So even if you aren’t ready to buy your school today, you’ll benefit from this session as you plan for your school’s future.

Learn what you’ll need to prepare, how much you’ll want to spend, and how to know the timing is right. See examples of other schools taking these same steps to prepare for the perfect place to call a forever home.

Presentation Slides: Linked here

Presentation Handout: Expert Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid as You Grow