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Your Long-Term Enrollment Marketing Strategy

Ashley MacQuarrie

October 19, 2023

Long Term Enrollment Marketing For Charter Schools 1

Effective enrollment marketing is an investment in the long term. It’s comparable to planting a tree; the effort and care you invest early on can result in a thriving canopy of students for years to come. By focusing on strategies that span multiple enrollment seasons, schools can establish a foundation that builds a strong and sustainable school community.

Adopt a strategic marketing tailored to your unique offerings. Enrollment marketing isn’t just about spreading awareness; it’s about communicating why your school is the ideal choice for students and their families. You’ll need to go beyond word of mouth.

Here are some tips for developing a long-term enrollment strategy that helps your school achieve its mission.

Focus on retention.

Focus on both attracting new students and retaining existing ones to create a balanced, long-term enrollment marketing strategy.

Adapt to challenges.

Be sure to stay updated with enrollment trends in the ever-changing educational landscape. Pay special attention to difficulties in regaining enrollment at specific grade levels, such as the third grade, indicating the long-term impact of the pandemic on student retention.

Be thoughtful about your online presence.

Use video content as a dynamic tool for engagement on platforms like TikTok and YouTube to create awareness and interest. For new schools, community engagement and early advocacy are pivotal to building interest and a solid foundation. Ensure your school’s website is compelling, informative, and sparks curiosity among prospective students and their families.

Build a strong Board.

Carefully consider board governance and the composition of your board of directors, especially during the formative stages of a charter school. Having community influencers and parents with significant influence on the board can be a powerful catalyst in promoting your school and fostering community engagement.

Dive Deeper: Watch the Discussion

Ashley McQuarrie and Tony Solorzano joined Michael Barber to discuss these strategies in more depth and touch on social media as a tool for raising awareness. Watch the full video below.

Note: YouTube had an issue with sound for the first five minutes. The speakers were able to recap what they covered once sound was restored.

Reach Your Goals with Digital Marketing

Achieve your enrollment goals through digital marketing. Raise awareness, fundraise, meet enrollment targets, and create a diverse network of champions that will nurture your school over the long term. Check out this free resource here.

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