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What District and Charter School Teachers Think About the Biggest Issues in Education

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February 26, 2020


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What District and Charter School Teachers Think About the Biggest Issues in Education

Editor’s Note: This survey was published by Educators for Excellence, a teacher-led nonprofit that ensures teachers have a leading voice in the policies that impact their students and profession.

We think it’s vital to keep tabs on the pulse of all things related to charter schools, including informational resources, and how to support school choice, charter school growth, and the advancement of the charter school movement as a whole. We hope you find this—and any other article we curate—both interesting and valuable.

Voices From the Classroom: A Survey of America’s Educators

We are excited to share the results from our second edition of Voices from the Classroom, a nationally representative survey by teachers that captures the views and opinions of our colleagues across the country on a wide variety of education issues. The purpose of this survey is to provide decision-makers with key insights from untapped classroom experts — teachers.

This survey comes at a time ripe for change. Too often during the last two years, in districts across the country, teachers have felt that they had to walk out of their classrooms in order for their concerns to be heard. As teachers, we see our students’ challenges up close each day, and we know the many ways our education system is currently failing them. We have the knowledge, skills, and passion to lead the changes we know our profession and schools need, but we are rarely given the opportunity nor are we appropriately compensated when we are.

This election year, however, offers a unique opportunity to address what is preventing our students from reaching their full potential and us, as teachers, from thriving in our careers. We don’t need tweaks; we need meaningful change. This report offers a guide for the changes we want to see.

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