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Webinar Recap: AI and Your School

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March 18, 2024

Webinar Recap Ai And Your School

The educational landscape always evolving—and lately, it’s impossible to ignore the growing excitement and concern surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI). To shed light on the role of AI in education, we gathered a panel of experts, each offering invaluable insights into different facets of AI implementation and its implications for schools. Watch the highlight video below and read through a recap of what was covered.



Corey Layne Crouch – Chief Program Officer of AI for Education, emphasized the significance of AI literacy in empowering both students and teachers.

SarahFink Headshot 2023 0003 (1)

Sarah Fink – of Bast AI, provided an overview of AI ethics, discussing recent legislation and offering tips for crafting AI policies tailored to educational settings.

Youtube Live Sangar Safi

Sangar Safi – from Software MSP, delved into data privacy and security concerns surrounding AI, highlighting measures to safeguard sensitive information.

Understanding Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The webinar commenced with a high-level discussion on generative AI, a subset of AI technology that has seen exponential growth in recent years. Generative AI, driven by machine learning and deep learning, involves the creation of new content—text, images, or video—based on trained data. This technology has far-reaching implications for education, influencing teaching methodologies, teacher-student dynamics, and privacy.

The Importance of AI Literacy

A recurring theme throughout the webinar was the importance of AI literacy. Educators and school leaders were urged to understand the fundamentals of AI technology, its limitations, ethical considerations, and appropriate uses.

AI And Your School 3
Practical Applications of Generative AI

Corey Layne Crouch provided practical insights into leveraging generative AI within schools. She shared how educators can harness AI tools for tasks such as written communication, content differentiation, brainstorming, and even translation. She shared how prompt libraries facilitate seamless integration of AI into existing curricula, enhancing teaching and learning experiences.

Ethical Considerations and Data Security

Addressing ethical concerns and data security, the panel emphasized AI usage transparency, accountability, and compliance. School leaders were urged to prioritize student privacy, adopt strong security measures, and remain vigilant against potential threats.

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