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WEBINAR: Charter school growth strategies, February 23

Charter School Capital

February 16, 2016


New Designs funded by Charter School CapitalCharter schools face multiple challenges from Year 0 inception in establishing the school and a different set of challenges once in operation through their growth. What are the charter school growth strategies that will help your school succeed? What are your plans for charter school replication? How do the challenges faced by charter leaders change as they expand?

Join us for a webinar focused on charter school growth strategies. We’ll feature the challenges schools face during various phases from start-up, expansion through to a mature school as well as highlight best practices schools use to achieve success.



Marshall Emerson, Co-founder & CEO, I CAN SCHOOLS
Marshall the Co-founder and CEO of I CAN Schools, overseeing seven charters and more than 2,000 students. I CAN began in 2010 and the schools have been one of the country’s most successful charter school concepts in closing the achievement gap for low-income students.

Stuart Ellis, President & CEO, Charter School Capital
Stuart is the Co-founder and CEO of Charter School Capital, the nation’s leading provider of growth capital and facilities financing to charter schools nationwide. The company has provided in excess of $1 billion in support of 500+ charter schools educating more than 500,000 students across the country.

What you will learn:

  • Best practices for growth and replication
  • Funding options specific to your growth stage
  • Lessons learned from charter school leaders
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