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Up-level Your Charter School Digital Marketing Game

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August 19, 2019


Charter School Digital Marketing

Up Your Charter School Digital Marketing Game!

Charter school growth requires solid student enrollment and retention programs that position their school for future replication or program growth. Having at least some digital marketing prowess can help you reach and exceed your school’s growth and/or expansion goals.

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If you’ve been interested in upping your digital marketing game for your charter school, watch our Digital Marketing for Charter Schools webinar! You can begin to fill your toolbox with some actionable tips and basic strategies that can help you get noticed, attract more families and increase your school’s enrollment.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • Strategy: Developing a digital marketing plan;
  • Tactics: The best tools for charter schools; and
  • Resources: Where can you learn more?

You’ll learn: How digital marketing efforts can help your charter schools build a solid digital footprint, different approaches to help develop and maintain your charter school’s reputation, as well as how to leverage marketing to grow student enrollment.

We also provide an overview of the digital landscape, discuss what digital tools are relevant, how best to implement programs, and we cover the various platforms and how to effectively use them to maintain your charter’s reputation and increase awareness.

Digital Marketing for Charter SchoolsDigital Marketing for Charter Schools: An Actionable Workbook to Help You Achieve Your School’s Goals!

Scratching your head as to how to go about implementing digital marketing for your charter school? You’re not alone! This free manual will be your go-to guide for all of your school’s digital marketing needs! Download this actionable workbook to help get your marketing plans started, guide you as you define your audience and key differentiators, choose your tactics, and start to build your campaigns.


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