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Tips for Planning Your Back-to-School Night

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August 15, 2023

Tips For Planning Back To School Night

Many schools host Back-to-School Night at the beginning of the school year—by planning it well and using some creative strategies, you can foster a sense of community that resonates.

Your School’s Enrollment and Why In-Person Events Matter

In a world increasingly dominated by virtual communication, in-person and physical marketing are still essential. This is especially true for incoming grades like Kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grades—the transition to a new school is a significant life event, and families want to experience the atmosphere, meet your staff and teachers, and immerse themselves in your educational environment. Feeling like they are a part of your school community will strengthen their commitment to your school—leading to more steady enrollment over time.

In-person events are not just about showcasing your school; they’re about creating memories and forging connections that digital channels can’t replicate. The impressions left during these events have a lasting impact, driving retention and re-enrollment in ways that emails and social media posts can’t.

A Sense of Community

You can incorporate Back-to-School Night into a broader strategy of community involvement. Engage with families and encourage them to participate to help build a sense of unity and collaboration. By demonstrating your school’s commitment to community engagement, you establish a positive reputation and can attract families seeking a supportive educational environment.

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Strategies for Your Back-to-School Night

Here are some strategies to ensure your Back-to-School Night and other in-person events leave a lasting impact:

  1. Make them Predictable and Get the Word Out

Schedule back-to-school night along with other regular open houses where families can explore your school, meet teachers, and interact with staff, which fosters a sense of familiarity and comfort. Make sure you get the word out in your newsletter when school starts so it’s on your families’ calendars!

  1. Offer School Tours and Meet-and-Greets

Offer guided tours led by students or teachers. These personal interactions provide insights into daily life at your school and allow for direct Q&A. Involve current students in leading tours or sharing their experiences. This personal touch resonates with both prospective families and current ones.

  1. Themed Activities

Incorporate engaging activities tailored to different age groups, like STEM challenges or interactive games. These activities draw people in, showcase your innovative programs, and spark their interest.

  1. Tangible Takeaways

Provide informative flyers, swag, or other tangible items that families can take home. These serve as reminders of the event and encourage further engagement.

  1. Staying in Touch

Have methods in place to get contact information from each member of enrolled families so they can receive announcement emails and newsletters. This can include simple sign-up sheets or digital forms.

Partner for Event Support

Embrace the power of face-to-face engagement to make a lasting impact on prospective students and their families, ultimately driving enrollment and solidifying your school’s place in the community. You can also benefit from a partnership to fill your classroom with kids.

Watch the overview of an Enrollment Marketing Partnership here to find out how to get started.

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