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The Ultimate Podcast List for Charter Schools

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March 30, 2022

The Ultimate Podcast List For Charter Schools

There is no time like the present for charter school leaders to carve out space for self-care and professional, like-tasked inspiration. If it seems impossible to find this time, all the more reason to give it a dedicated go! We, your friends at Charter School Capital (CSC), make it easier to find just this charter school leader-based encouragement, by curating this hand-picked list of podcasts and other media. 

In order to help you get where you’re going, we aim to support charter revolutionaries, like you, with sourcing best practices, informative interviews, and even some laughs –  from like-minded and like-tested charter school-leading peers. Even if the podcasts are subject- or state-based, the content itself transcends those lines. Check out our list: 

Podcasts for Charter School Leaders:
Charter School Superstar

Ryan Kairalla hosts this series of interviews with teachers, administrators, policymakers, and other education revolutionaries. Topics include enrollment, school safety, mental health, community engagement, and so much more.

Charter Central Podcast

While based in Michigan, this podcast is valuable for charter school leaders because they discuss many relevant topics, regardless of location. Topics include LGTBQ+, special education, the impact of the pandemic on student growth, and social-emotional learning.

CharterNation Podcast

Produced by the California Charter School Association, this podcast focuses on all of their conversations around California charter schools. Host Ana Tintocalis covers numerous data, research, and other current events – to interviews with charter school administrators and educators.

SC Charter Chatter

This podcast focuses on best practices and hot topics in South Carolina. They go in-depth on Black History Month, marketing, audits, and finding funding. This is a great podcast for charter school leaders even if you don’t live in South Carolina. We here at CSC can help with avoiding fumbled audits and finding funding, too.

Providing Choice: A Florida Charter School Alliance Podcast

The Florida Charter School Alliance hosts this podcast and tackles dual enrollment, school safety, professional development, and digital tools. They talk with school leaders, teachers, students, and government officials about what is going on in charter schools and with state policies.

Podcasts for Everyday Inspiration:
The Creative Classroom with John Spencer

John Spencer tackles the everyday classroom. From PBL to learning loss to storytelling in education; this podcast is relatable for the teachers in your charter school.

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast

With a focus on middle and high school classrooms, Betsy Potash focuses on teaching strategies and creative ideas for English teachers. She covers topics like building a classroom library, annotation, and novel activities. Betsy will give fresh inspiration to your English classrooms.

Black Educators Matter

With a goal of sharing 500 stories of Black Educators, each episode features different administrators, teachers, and other Black school leaders. They share stories of struggles and triumphs. This is an important and encouraging podcast.

Let’s K-12 Better!

Amber and her children sit around the kitchen table and discuss topics from a parental and student point of view. They discuss lots of things, from being a digital native to the importance of community to feelings about school librarians. This is a great podcast for teachers, administrators, and parents alike!

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The Mindful Kind

While this podcast is not necessarily focused on education, Rachael Kable talks each week about how to deal with your emotions. This is a great way to add some self-care to your schedule.

CSC Clients who Pod

Some of our favorite charter school leaders are podcasters!

  • Robert Marshall, from Vanguard Collegiate of Indianapolis, joined an episode of The Tevin Studdard Show to talk about his middle school’s role in Indy’s public school ecosystem.
  • David Hardin from Aurum Prep joined the conversation at SoBEO Rants – a podcast for influential Black leaders in Oakland.
  • Bob Bourgault from Almond Acres chatted with Adam from Up & Adam in the Morning to talk about the Paso mask mandate changing, school board meetings, and their brand new K-8 charter school building.

As for us, your friends at Charter School Capital, we care deeply about the issues and challenges in and outside charter classrooms. We help with many challenges hitting your sphere today – avoiding fumbled audits, boosting and retaining enrollments, finding your school’s forever home, and the ongoing mental health challenges facing every charter school. With free on-demand webinars, e-books, printable resources, and an Enrollment Marketing team – we are here for YOU!

Do you have any podcasts you would add to this list? Leave us a comment or join the conversation on Twitter @GrowCharters. We’d love to hear from you!

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