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The Charter School Solution: Helping Students Who Need it Most

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September 24, 2018



charter school solutionThe Charter School Solution: Helping Students Who Need it Most

Editor’s Note: This video was originally posted by PolicyEd here. Can the charter school solution help close the student achievement gap in underserved populations? Studies show that charter schools are, in fact, leading the way in improving public education in America, especially for students who are traditionally underserved.
We think it’s vital to keep tabs on the pulse of all things related to charter schools, including informational charter school resources, how to support charter school growth, and the advancement of the charter school movement as a whole. We hope you find this—and any other article we curate—both interesting and valuable. Please read on to watch the short video and find even more charter school resources and links.

The Transcript:

  • Charter schools represent the largest attempt to innovate in U.S. public education in fifty years.
  • More than 7,000 now operate around the country educating over 3 Million students.
  • And since they’re required to be transparent about their students’ performance, we’ve learned that two groups of students consistently show strong learning gains relative to their peers in the district schools.
  • The first group are predominantly minority and low-income students in urban charter schools. They make substantial gains in both math and reading compared to students in other schools in their area.
  • The second group is comprised of students enrolled in charter school networks called Charter Management Organizations, which are made up of three or more schools under common management.
  • Their students do even better than those in independent charter schools.
  • These networks learn what helps their students, and then replicate what works across all the schools they manage.
  • By identifying proven methods and spreading them to other schools, districts, and communities, charter schools are leading the way in improving education in America, especially for students who are traditionally under-served.


Additional Information and Charter School Resources:

  • “Urban Charter Schools Report” and 22 state-specific reports that combine to offer policymakers unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of charter schools from CREDO, available here:
  • “Charter Management Organizations, 2017” examines the life cycle of charter school networks from founding of the flagship school to development and eventual expansion of the network, available from CREDO here:
  • CREDO’s Charter School Performance in New York here:
  • CREDO’s Charter School Performance in Texas, here:
  • For more CREDO Research Reports, click here:
  • “L.A. could learn a lot about charter schools from the Big Apple” by Margaret Raymond, available here:
  • “It’s Time to Get Serious About Charter School Quality” by Margaret Raymond, available here: How Well Are Teachers Doing? by Margaret Raymond, available here:

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