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The 2020 Charter School Honor Roll

Charter School Capital

March 6, 2020

UPDATE: Due to the cancellation of the in-person National Charter School Conference, the 2020 Charter School Honor Roll has been cancelled. Submissions are not closed, but those already received in 2020 will be reviewed in the 2021 Charter School Honor Roll nomination pool, and the winning group will be expanded to 50 to accommodate both years. Thank you for understanding and stay well.

charter school honor rollThe 2020 Charter School Honor Roll is Now Open for Submissions

We’re celebrating incredible charter schools!

Charter School Capital is 100% dedicated to the success of charter schools. So, to celebrate the amazing things that charter schools are accomplishing, we created the Charter School Honor Roll. Currently, in its third year, the 2020 Charter School Honor Roll is a celebration of charter schools that exemplify exceptional accomplishments in any of the following categories:

  • School Climate: Our “School Climate” category is defined by the quality and character of school life, based on patterns of students’, parents’ and school personnel’s experience. Honor Roll winners in this category should have created a sustainable, positive school climate.
  • Community Service: Honor Roll winners in this category define what it means to give back to the community’s they’re in, through servant leadership, community building programs, and “multiplying the good” in everything around them.
  • School Growth: Through careful planning, an engaging curriculum, and leadership that works, these next schools showcase what is possible in charter school growth. By expanding the reach of charter schools, these schools are expanding the educational options for students in their communities.
  • School Leadership: This category highlights the leaders that drive the mission and vision of some of the nation’s most incredible schools forward. The unrelenting decision-making, the strategic moves, and the unique challenges of the charter school industry are tough, but these leaders exemplify what it means to be a leader within their school.
  • Student Achievement: This is typically the most competitive category in the Charter School Honor Roll because there are a lot of schools nurturing growth in some truly amazing students. Winning submissions for this category have incredible school ratings, graduation rates, and college admission numbers. Some have statewide and national awards for educational excellence; and all have teachers, administrators, and students that are knocking it out of the park and showing the nation that charter schools are an incredible and important choice for families.

Our Charter School Honor Roll winners will be awarded a special gift package, free admission to the 2020 National Charter Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida (June 21-24), and will be honored at an exclusive honoree awards event during the conference.

Do you have a school in mind? We want to hear about them …. and yes, it’s ok to nominate your own! We’re looking forward to reading your inspiring submission(s)! In conjunction with your Charter School Honor Roll submission, please email photos of your staff and students to (include your social media handles so we can tag you) and we’ll feature your school on our social media channels!

Read more about the categories and submit your school stories here:


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