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Team Spotlight: Tommy Alberini

Charter School Capital

February 3, 2021

Tommy Alberini - Director of Acquisitions & Underwriting at Charter School CapitalA Los Angeles native, Tommy is passionate about family, authenticity, and analytics. He graduated from Boston University, where he focused his Bachelor of Business Administration on Marketing and Marketing Management.
After graduation, Tommy started as an intern at a family-run real estate firm. Now, nearly a decade later, Tommy leads the facilities acquisition team here at Charter School Capital (CSC). Tommy lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two-year-old daughter. In his team spotlight, he reflects on his field and his journey with CSC.

Tommy’s Beginnings

Tommy is one of five children and a first-generation American from Argentinean parents.

After graduating from Boston University, Tommy worked in real estate firms in New York for several years. Then, a job offer brought him to California. It was a good move for his career and brought him closer to his family.

After a couple of years, Tommy and his wife decided to move to Portland. He continued to work in real estate until a recruiter reached out to him. The recruiter told him about a real-estate related position, but in the education space. Tommy was intrigued.

The conversation with the recruiter piqued Tommy’s curiosity and led to an interview with Jamie Bradley (Director of Facilities & Financial Risk at CSC). Tommy fell in love with the notion of combining his expertise in real estate with a real opportunity to make a positive impact in the charter school movement.

Joining Our Team

One of the many things Tommy enjoys about CSC is how we contribute to bridging gaps in education by supporting schools financially. Charter schools help many students achieve a solid education, and CSC helps these schools thrive.

Tommy’s role within the company focuses on facilities, which are then leased back to schools. CSC acts as a landlord, a partner, and a champion for charter schools. Once schools begin working with CSC, our team continues to find resources geared at helping the schools succeed.

Tommy finds his work invigorating. He credits to the fact that he gets to work on complex challenges with people who are passionate about finding solutions, people who are genuinely interested in their organization’s mission, and people who care about the impact of their work.

In terms of work/life balance, Tommy believes it’s possible to take time for yourself and be productive. And in his field, keeping his mind sharp and his vision fresh is a necessity. Tommy loves working with numbers and doing creative problem-solving with those numbers.

Tommy is an ardent believer in following one’s passions, whether professionally or personally. He believes that making decisions with his passion in mind led to many of his most fulfilling journeys. His advice, “Go and find what your passions are and follow them.”

Thinking about the nation’s youth, Tommy would like young people to have access to, Tommy volunteers “Career Building.” This would be a mix of personal finance and workplace skillsets. How to manage your funds, invest, how to save, and ultimately think about your future. Combined with how to sell yourself in an interview, while staying humble, and building your resume.

Looking at our world today, Tommy would like to see less arrogance, more curiosity, and more open minds to our society’s inequities.

Focusing on the Future

Tommy would like to see people be more willing to be vulnerable and open themselves up to conversations that may be uncomfortable. These conversations lead to growth and help develop a well-rounded perspective.

In terms of Charter School Capital, Tommy wants it to continue to help the organization scale up, especially in facilities. He’s passionate about continuing to make the school-onboarding process as accessible as possible so that charter schools can get assistance in a swift, fluid manner.

Tommy would like to see charter schools have more access to strong partners, including school leaders, investors, and champions such as Charter School Capital. He’d like to see more schools learn and leverage best practices that lead them to full sustainability.

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