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Stories of Inspiration – Recognizing Teacher Impact

Charter School Capital

September 14, 2017


Everyone has someone – that inspirational teacher that got you to believe in your abilities and in yourself. Who said, “You can do this!” and never let you forget it. Who left that indelible impact on your education.
As we celebrate Charter School Capital’s 10th year supporting charter schools across the country, we want to hear from you about that inspirational teacher who positively impacted the trajectory of your life.
For our President and CEO, Stuart Ellis, that teacher was Mr. Dewey. We’re betting you have that standout teacher too. And you know exactly who it is.
In honor of Mr. Dewey and other inspiring teachers out there, we want to give recognition and thanks to the teachers who positively impact our lives. Tell us about that teacher who changed your life and inspired you to be who you are today.
Starting today, send us your Stories of Inspiration. We’ll be sharing your stories on our Stories of Inspiration page, our blog and on social media. Our review committee will select the 10 most inspiring stories and we’ll donate charter school grants of $1,000 to the author’s charter school of choice.
Submit your Stories of Inspiration by October 31, 2017. Our review committee will select the 10 most inspiring stories and then we’ll announce these stories after November 17, 2017. We look forward to reading your Stories of Inspiration!

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