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A Positive Step for California Charter Schools

Branché Jones

May 9, 2014


Charter School CapitalThe California Assembly Education Committee passed AB 2007 by Assemblywoman Shannon Grove from Bakersfield. This is very positive for California charter schools. The bill amends the charter school law to allow students attending non-classroom based charter schools to complete the school year (or course they are taking) with the school they are currently attending if they move out of that school’s geographic boundary. Though this is a simple clarification of existing law, it will have a major impact for many non-classroom charter schools that face instructional challenges when students move throughout the state for one reason or another. The measure will now heads to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for a vote. It passed the Assemby Education Committee on a unanimous 7-0 vote.
AB 2007 – Virtual or Online Charter Schools
Summary – Authorize a virtual or online charter school to also claim independent study average daily attendance for pupils who are residents of any other county in the state. If the pupil is enrolled in the virual or online charter school and moves to a residence outside of the geographic boundaries in which the charter school is authorized to operate, and continues enrollment in the virtual or online charter school. Provides for reenrollment within a specific time.
Status – 5/1/14  In Assembly. Read second time and amended. Re-referred to Committee on Appropriations.
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