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Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools Welcomes Dr. Darlene Chambers

Charter School Capital

August 8, 2014


Dr. Darlene Chambers
Dr. Darlene Chambers, President & CEO, OAPCS

Charter School Capital supports the efforts of many state charter school associations across the country. In Ohio, charter schools are well-served by the new leadership at the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools (OAPCS). Darlene Chambers is now the President and CEO at OAPCS. Below is an except of her recent letter that appeared on the OAPCS website as well as a link to read the letter in its entirety…

Letter from OAPCS President & CEO, Dr. Darlene Chambers (Excerpt)

This is a pivotal moment in Ohio’s charter school movement and I am honored to serve as President & CEO of OAPCS at this critical time. Those who already know me recognize I am a strong advocate in charter schools and all that they represent: innovation, entrepreneurialism, and choice. For those who don’t yet know me, my position on charter schools is they were founded and have thrived for a simple reason: one size no longer fits all when it comes to education. Parents should decide what’s best for their children. Our duty is to provide quality options…
A quality education for every child is a fundamental right that all of us can work together to achieve. OAPCS can address the challenges and improve educational options for all public school children in Ohio, but I need your help and I ask for your support as we continue on this important effort together. For too long, the charter school debate has been pitted in partisan rhetoric when the focus needs to stay on what is best for the children in Ohio. Collaboration is the key for achieving goals and we seek your input, feedback and support.
Over the next months, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with you and share your story with the community. Please help me spread the word and share the positive messages about all that’s going right in our schools serving 120,000+ students. At the end of the day, charter schools provide a viable, important option – often for students who would not have access to a high-quality educational opportunity without them. Let’s work together to ensure all students have access to the education they deserve regardless of their zip code.

Read the full OAPCS letter.

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