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nprEd: Just What IS a Charter School Anyway?

Charter School Capital

March 3, 2017


NPR’s education news site, nprEd , recently posted an article giving a rundown on charter schools, namely what ARE they and how are they different from other private and public schools?
Despite ever-growing numbers of charter schools in the country (3.1 million students currently enrolled in charter schools across 43 states), most Americans have no idea how charter schools work. The 2014 PDK/Gallup poll on public attitudes toward education found that while 63% of those asked favored charter schools (without a definition of what a charter is), 48% of those surveyed didn’t know they were public, and 57% thought they charged tuition.
The article covers how charter schools work, how they’re funded, who runs them, and whether they’re better than their public school competition. Read the full story.

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