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New Five-Day California Charter School Funding Option

Charter School Capital

July 30, 2018


california charter school funding New Five-Day California Charter School Funding Option

We heard from a number of charter schools that they needed a faster funding option for tight-turn budget needs. We’re very excited to now be able to answer that request with our new five-day funding option, currently exclusively for California charter schools.
Since our founding, we’ve been able to provide over $1.6 billion in charter school funding to more than 600 schools across our nation and most importantly, to serve over 800,000 charter school students. We’re proud to provide the reliability and stability charter leaders require as they embark on their journey to educate more students today—and in the future.
If your school needs funds fast, we can provide charter school funding in as few as five business days so you can keep your focus on what really matters – educating your students. And, as an ongoing Charter School Capital client, you may qualify for a lower-cost option on fundings, as well as additional benefits and services as we partner with you to ensure your school’s continued success and growth.
We help charter schools access working capital so they can:

  • Expand or grow programs
  • Open a new charter school
  • Enhance facilities – with labs, gyms, etc.
  • Provide new technology in the classroom
  • Hire and/or develop staff
  • Address budget shortfalls and delays (deferrals, holdbacks, etc.) gracefully
  • Improve transportation options
  • Enrich educational programs
  • Buy new equipment

Our team works with you to determine funding and facilities options based on your school’s needs. If you are trying to meet operational expenses, expand, acquire or renovate your school building, add an athletic department, or buy new technology, complete the online application below and we’ll contact you to set up a meeting.
To learn more about this new funding option, set up time with our California Funding Specialist, or get your funding request started by filling out the form here:


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