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New 2019 Charter School Program Grants Now Available for Developers

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July 15, 2019


Charter School ProgramNew 2019 Charter School Program Grants Now Available for Developers

This information was shared by The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. We think it’s vital to keep tabs on the pulse of all things related to charter schools, including informational resources, and how to support school choice, charter school growth, and the advancement of the charter school movement as a whole. We hope you find this—and any other article we curate—both interesting and valuable.

The US Department of Education published a notice inviting applications for grants to Charter School Developers for the Opening of New Charter Schools and for the Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools.

This notice includes applications for developers of new charter schools (84.282B) and for developers replicating and expanding existing charter schools (84.282E). Charter school developers in states that do not currently have a Charter Schools Program (CSP) State Entity grant are eligible to apply. Read more information about this grant competition, including webinar recording for interested applicants, or contact the CSP team at

Applications are due before midnight Eastern time
on August 2.

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