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Learn4Life Served 2,000 More Students by Partnering with Charter School Capital

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December 17, 2018



charter school fundingLearn4Life Served 2,000 More Students by Partnering with Charter School Capital

With so many choices for where go to access financial resources for your school, it’s important to select the right one for you. At Charter School Capital, we believe in the power of charter schools and their leaders to deliver quality education to families across the country. And we’re proud to provide the reliability and stability charter leaders require as they walk their journey to better educate more students today—and in the future.
Please watch and listen as Skip Hansen, Chief Executive Officer, Learn4Life  shares his experience working with Charter School Capital during some very difficult financial times for charter schools in California.

This video was originally published Jul 17, 2014. We are honored to continue to partner with Learn4Life and are very proud of the way our support has helped them continue to serve their students and grow their enrollment. To learn how other school’s have achieved success by partnering with us, check out our other success stories here and filter by the content type, “School Spotlights”.

Watch the short video to hear Skip’s story and find the transcript below. You can learn more about Charter School Capital here.

At Learn4Life, we work with at-risk youth. Our schools typically go after students who are sitting at home on the couch, have no direction, looking for a job, but can’t get one because they don’t have a high school diploma.

Our charter schools in the state of California have been faced with a number of problems. The first and foremost is a reduction in ADA (average daily attendance) funding. And then, problem number two, to balance the budget, the state of California was basically delaying the payments to charter schools and not allowing us to cash flow our business properly.

Charter School Capital came to us as a gift, for the most part, in a time when it looked like there was not a lot of hope for charter schools (in terms of cash flow financing) with the delays in payments that the government had placed on us. If we had not had the type of resources that Charter School Capital has, it certainly would’ve hampered our growth over the last three years.

Without that kind of opportunity, we would’ve really been limited to our cash on hand. And it would’ve really put a stunt on our growth. It would have affected a lot of kids. I think we’ve served another 2000 students, in the last two years because of the availability of cash flow financing. Those are 2000 kids that could go on to cure cancer or do something really great in our society.

For the first time in a long time, cash is really not our biggest issue, thanks to Charter School Capital.

Our relationship with charter school capital is a very positive one. They really helped us in terms of helping better understand how the state makes its payments to our school. If I had to use one word to describe our relationship with charter school capital, it’s been “partnership”. For the first time in a long time, cash is really not our biggest issue, thanks to Charter School Capital.

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