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Inspiring Teachers: Ms. Taylor Idoni – Genesee STEM Academy

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August 5, 2021

Inspiring Teachers Ms Taylor Idoni Genesee STEM Academy
Since 2017, Charter School Capital has held an annual essay contest celebrating exceptional teachers. We call it the Dewey Awards, in celebration of Mr. Richard Dewey – a teacher who provided exceptional mentorship to our founder and CEO Stuart Ellis. Every year we get a brilliant selection of stories written by students from charter schools all over the nation. This year’s winners are featured here – but each of these stories is worth sharing.
This week we bring you a story sent by Cameron Fields, about his teacher Taylor Idoni at Genesee STEM Academy of Flint, Michigan.


Hi, my name is Cameron Fields and my school is Genesee STEM Academy of Flint, Michigan. I would like to vote my teacher as the best homeroom teacher that I have. She is a great teacher and a great example of what you can be when you grow up. She is our teacher of math and college or career. She is our homeroom teacher.

We don’t always start out with her early in the day for online school. Well, we start out with her after our lunch break. Although we may have little time, she makes the work seem fun and easy when it’s really complicated. And sometimes if she has already explained half of the assignment while the class is still working on it, I go back in and find some more answers and have five or one more questions to answer when I’m on the assignment.

When she assigns the assignment, I typically try to finish the whole thing without help, but sometimes I may need a little help with the assignment because it can get a little hard, but sometimes it can be a little easy. And that’s why I think my teacher, Mrs. Adam, of Genesee STEM Academy, Flint, Michigan, should win the $1,000.

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