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Inspiring Teachers: Mrs. Grimes – Compass Charter Schools

Charter School Capital

May 24, 2021

Inspiring Teachers: Mrs. Grimes
Since 2017, Charter School Capital has held an annual essay contest celebrating exceptional teachers. We call it the Dewey Awards, in celebration of Mr. Richard Dewey – a teacher who provided exceptional mentorship to Stuart Ellis, our founder and CEO. Every year we get a brilliant selection of stories written by students from charter schools all over the nation. We chose three stories as winners of this year’s context. But each of these stories is worth sharing.
This week we bring you a story sent in by Kimberly Aguilar, celebrating Mrs. Grimes of Compass Charter Schools.

I nominate my son’s fifth-grade teacher Monique Grimes for the 2020 Dewey Award. She is an excellent teacher. She is warm, accessible, enthusiastic, and caring. Mrs. Grimes possesses great listening skills and takes time out of her busy schedule for anyone who needs her. She is an effective teacher, demonstrating a deep understanding of the curriculum. She plans, teaches, and assesses to promote mastery for all scholars. She provides high-quality instruction and increases student achievement by delivering researched-based instruction with technology integrated.

Mrs. Grimes has not only been a teacher for my son; she also has provided additional time and support for his special needs. He has autism, along with being below his grade level. He has a hard time adapting to new people, changes, and does not like being in loud places. She has been very understanding and patient. Mrs. Grimes has helped instill my child’s desire to learn and achieve. She has gone beyond her duties to help Jacob to be successful in a general education class. She has taken the time to understand his individual needs. She encourages him as a scholar, encouraging his unique talents.

Whenever I have a question, she immediately responds to my emails and phone calls with the answers I need regarding my son’s services, support, accommodations, and modification. Her organizational skills are excellent. I strongly believe that all of her efforts should be rewarded and appreciated. Teachers like her don’t come along very often, in my opinion. Compass Charter Schools is very blessed to have such an incredible teacher, and all the scholars who go through her classroom will only benefit from the love and learning that she provides.

She is a shining star.

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