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Inspirational Teachers: Mrs. Jeanne Richardson

Charter School Capital

January 6, 2021


How my teacher has impacted my life:

When I thought about how my teacher, Mrs. Jeanne Richardson, has impacted my life, many thoughts came to mind as I remembered all the help I have received since the day I met her. She made me realize that studying at home could be really fun and interesting. I could study what I was most interested in, and she was always there to help and support me. Mrs. Richardson is kind and patient when I don’t understand something; she helps me solve my problems and always has a solution for my doubts. She is always smiling, and all of those things make me feel good because she always has time for me.

My teacher is the best; she taught me that studying is not just about all the work but also about comprehending and having fun while doing it. When I am stuck at some problems, she helps me with a smile and with patience. I have never had such a good teacher; she is the definition of a good teacher.

One of my Mother’s friend told us a story about a scholar that had a bad teacher; she would never reply to his messages when he needed help. When I heard that story, I could see how blessed I was with an excellent teacher. I hope that everyone has a teacher like Mrs. Richardson because she’s the best. Thank you for everything, Miss Jeanne Richardson.

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