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Inspiring Teachers: Mrs. Megan Brasseur Submitted by Myracle Hunter and Mariyah

Charter School Capital

May 3, 2021

Inspirational Teachers - Mrs. Brasseur
Each year, Charter School Capital hosts the Dewey Awards to honor teachers who have significantly impacted students’ lives. Two Genesee STEM Academy students wrote the following stories about their homeroom instructor, Mrs. Brasseur. It is a testament to Mrs. Brasseur’s positive influence in her young charges that two separate students wrote us to tell us about her.

 From Myracle Hunter:

 Hello, I am Myracle Hunter a junior at Genesee STEM Academy. In this essay I will be writing about my homeroom teacher Mrs. Brasseur.

I choose to write about Mrs. Brasseur because she has had the biggest impact on my life. She helped me when I was going through a bad time in my life. She helped me stay positive and motivated to keep going. She’s always there when you need advice.  In this paragraph. I will be telling you how she had the biggest impact in my life.

I say she has had the biggest impact on my life as a teacher because when it felt like no one else understood where I was coming from. Mrs. Brasseur sat down with me and let me explain myself and the situation and even thought it was complicated she understood it and helped me throughout it. She guided me to see my purpose in life and encouraged me to help others. Next, I would like to tell you why I believe she tells you the best advice.

I remember one time me and some other LGBT+ students were kind of lost about others that shared the same interest as us. So, Mrs. Brasseur threw a little pride get together where all the ones who didn’t know about pride or felt like there wasn’t anyone else like the could come together and meet other students like them and shared the same believes and interest. Of course, there was requirements to attend the gathering. You didn’t just have to be part of the LGBT+ community you could’ve just been a supporter. It was an in-school event, so you had to meet the school requirements to. After the pride event it started some bonds with people and showed others there not by their selves and its others going through the same thing. I think there’s a lot of student that need a Mrs. Brasseur in their lives.

When I say” there’s a lot of student that need a Mrs. Brasseur in their lives” I mean someone who is caring and loving but isn’t scared to show you tuff love kind of like a mom but your teacher. This is why I think Mrs. Brausseur is the best teacher with the biggest impact on me she taught me how to not to be selfish and care for others. She also taught me how to communicate and get my point across without arguing.

From Mariyah:

Today we are going to be talking about one of the teachers that made and impact in my life and her name is Megan Brassuer but as her student I call her Mrs. Brassuer. Now, Mrs. Brassuer was my homeroom teacher from last year which was the 8th grade and she’s been helping me since day one I went to her a lot when there was something on my mind and she listened. Mrs. Brassuer was not only a great teacher and still is a great teacher she also listened to her students’ problems and always checked to see if they were ok mentally.

She is one of the teachers that have helped me though good and bad times rather it had been about school or my mental health , I will say I’ve had my days and her and a few of my other teacher would ask me how I’m doing but she always gave the advice that I needed to hear. It wasn’t just for me either I wasn’t the only student she had cared for she cared for all her students. I really took in her advice because a lot of stuff I was going through she had went through to for example struggling with weight gain, so she gave me a lot of good advice on that.

At the time I wasn’t really self-motivated, and she was one of my teachers that pushed me other than my math teacher. Mrs. Brassuer also brought me out of my shell I wasn’t as talkative as everybody else she kind of told me like hey its ok to ask for help and talk to your peers so really her and my other teachers helped and still are helping me become who I am today and they’re helping me get to where I need and want to be. She is still my teacher this year as well and she still keeps us motivated and checks on us even though school is virtual. She helps me a lot this year too like I was struggling at the beginning of the year and she basically told me and the class that we can get it together and pick our grades up before the time is up and she also checked up on me when I was sick and she does this with the other students too.  Even when talking to my mom she addressed everything I was going through mentally and she also told them when I was struggling in school. She talked to her about my progress, and about everything.

So, she really made a difference in my life and I appreciate her for looking out for me.

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