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Inspirational Teacher Highlight – Mrs. Parker

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December 7, 2022

Inspirational Teacher Highlight Mrs Parker

Every year, we are happily inundated with stories told by students and charter school supporters all over the nation. Since 2017, Charter School Capital has invited written and video submissions celebrating exceptional teachers. Named the Dewey Awards—after Mr. Richard Dewey, a teacher close to our hearts at CSC—these stories speak about teachers who provided exceptional mentorship. Although we only select three winners, each of these stories is worth sharing. This week we bring you a video made by Anisha Nadiminti about her teacher Mrs. Laurie Parker of Princeton Charter School in New Jersey. 

Anisha describes her teacher: “She taught me so much math…I love when she smiles at me…she cares about us…”  

It’s heartwarming to see such love for a teacher! Click the link below to watch the rest of her inspiring story about the first day of kindergarten.  

Learn more about the Dewey Awards here and check out the 2022 Dewey Award Winners.


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