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Igniting a Love for Learning – SET High School

Ashley MacQuarrie

May 13, 2021

SET High School - San Diego, CA
We’re proud of the schools we serve. Each one of these schools has a unique mission, and each serves a unique group of students. These schools are led by idealists, dreamers, compassionate optimists who not only believe in a better tomorrow, they believe in rolling up their sleeves and bringing that better tomorrow to their students. It is a privilege for us here at Charter School Capital to support these schools and help them thrive.
Here is a blog post from SET (School for Entrepreneurship & Technology), a charter school in San Diego, California.

With flexible schedules, a wide array of electives, and dual enrollment with Mesa College, our SET High students enable promising futures as they influence what, when and how they learn. Our Honors courses probe mighty depths, while our small classes and Passion Projects keep our students engaged at a level seldom seen for grades 9-12. It’s no small feat; but also one we enjoy and invest in very seriously. We ignite — or reignite — each student’s love for learning. It’s a deliberate and intentional process.

Students often come to SET High enticed by our small public school environment. No one gets lost or ignored and every individual is recognized for who they are as well as where they are on their life journey.

“SET High has been one of the most important assets to my education, as my previous schools never attained the level of kindness, help, and understanding that SET High has.”
— Former SET student

Teachers are highly involved and invested in every SET student’s success. Our teachers actively guide and inspire each unique individual alongside our collective faculty POV that learning and long term retention happen when there’s passion.

SET High School Teachers

Passion is the fuel that ignites learning and discovery. This passion could be for a particular subject, a cause, or an expression of art. Passion Projects is the SET program that recognizes the power of helping students discover their gifts, their passion. Our teachers lead each student to higher personal academic achievement, and ultimately, our school sees higher overall attendance rates..

SET High students stay engaged through graduation. Our phenomenal attendance and graduation rates speak volumes as to how our students are literally showing up each day. Passion Projects inspire our high school students to create and learn beyond “normal” school curriculum. Passion Projects also ignite students’ self-confidence and interpersonal skills to become the next generation of business and social leaders.

“I think SET is an amazing school because I’m given an opportunity to do other projects besides math and English…We have full range to do whatever we’re passionate about.”
— Former SET High Student

SET High School sports: basketball

At SET, we ensure that ALL students thrive in a safe and effective learning environment. We do not tolerate bullying, and students and faculty at SET High practice full acceptance. Not tolerance; acceptance. We heartily participate in and savor our inclusive and accepting learning environment including our student-led, self-organized clubs. These clubs are created to support all walks of life such as LGBTQIA+, peer tutoring/peer buddy system, and military meetup for children of parents in the military.

Another role our teachers tackle is as advisor. With our SET High advisory programs, each advisory teacher advocates, promotes, assists and reinforces a student’s personalized path within a 1:1 rapport. Designed to work like families, each individual student’s academic, personal and leadership growth blossoms. Our students are safe, comfortable, and familiar with our school’s flexible and nimble learning environment and we’ve seen test scores heartily increase while truancy rates plummet.

“This school develops strong character in its students, like integrity, compassion, and respect. The school is big on reinforcing the concept of doing things the right way and making good decisions in life.”
— SET Parent

Our Passion Project program, launched in the fall of 2016, captivates students as they discover their passion. It could be an academic subject, a much loved hobby, a dream for a business, an expression of talent or the drive to answer the question, “what if…”.

Passion Projects are an outgrowth of our school’s dynamic entrepreneurial mindset. Our 9th-12th graders collaborate to create works of art, start a business or investigate a problem.
All students — from incoming freshmen, to newly transferred juniors, to graduating seniors — are invited to ponder what they are passionate for, to set up a project to tap into and ignite those dreams and to share it with their SET peers and community.

“I’ve had so many opportunities here that I would have never had at other schools. They’re going to find your skills and they’re going to grow them. “
— Former SET student

SET high school winner

We are rooted in the belief that students who are passionate about what they are learning, don’t just survive their high school years, they thrive. We see our SET High students not only go above and beyond the minimum requirements at our school. We see deeper engagement in all academic classes and scholastic pursuits, even those they once found less appealing.

SET High is a game-changing high school experience. We ignite passions, love of learning and an appreciation for how invested teachers matter. Our 9th-12th grade students discover, express and achieve success via passions for business, science, technology and the arts. Ignite or re-ignite a love for learning, today! Enroll with SET.

About SET High School

SET High offers each student individual attention from multi-talented, highly-qualified teachers, a healthy camaraderie with classmates and an intellectually rigorous environment that brings out their talents and personality. With a wide variety of electives, flexible scheduling, dual enrollment college classes and more — our students regularly exceed their academic and personal expectations. Enrolling now!

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