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How We Can Help with Your Charter School Enrollment Marketing

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December 31, 2019


charter school enrollment marketing

How We Can Help with Your Charter School Enrollment Marketing

It’s never too late to start thinking about upping your charter school enrollment marketing game! Start prepping now for open houses in the spring, and get your summer enrollment marketing efforts planned for summer! Not sure where or how to get going?

Our best-in-class enrollment marketing team can help you:

  • Increase Traffic: Increase organic traffic by optimizing your website and social media channels
  • Raise Awareness: Targeted marketing efforts will help raise community awareness of your school, attracting new families and potential future students
  • Increase Enrollment: Attract more families, engage with them, nurture them, and convert them to boost student enrollment
  • Retain Students: Retaining your current students is vital to your school’s longevity and more cost effective than attracting and acquiring new ones

Charter School Capital’s Enrollment Marketing Program is designed to positively impact your charter school’s viability by boosting enrollment numbers through targeted marketing efforts. You can choose a program that focuses on generating awareness primarily through digital marketing, or one that also includes “ground game” marketing to convert applicants to enrollment. All efforts will be customized for each school’s unique needs, and may include the following:


  • Updated Website (if deemed needed) with Spanish language support where appropriate
  • Organic Search (optimizing website for search results)
  • Paid Search (Google, Niche)
  • Landing Pages to Capture Interest
  • Facebook and Twitter Social Media Engagement
  • Surveys / School Ratings
  • Postcards / Brochures
  • Email Campaigns to Your Parent / Former Parent Lists
  • Remarketing / Retargeting Online Advertising
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Display and Print Advertising
  • Yard Signs and other Signage
  • Radio / Other Advertising – where applicable


Organizing Open Houses / School Tours

  • Ensure they’re regularly scheduled and staffed for parents and students to tour school and meet teachers (at least 2x/month)

Organizing Community Meet & Greets

  • Arrange community meetings in libraries, coffee shops, pizza parlors, etc. for parents to casually meet other families and parents and staff from school to drive interest

Putting up lawn signs, passing out brochures in the community

  • Going to doctor’s offices, supermarkets, etc. and ensuring community boards have brochures on them
  • Making sure parents can put up lawn signs for the school in the summer

Providing photos and updates to the Charter School Capital team for social media

  • Attend events or reaching out to other staff/parents/volunteers to gather photos and stories to share on Facebook and Twitter

Updating Charter School Capital team on school events, community reactions, etc.

  • Weekly meetings with the Charter School Capital team in first month, bi-weekly thereafter



Download our one-page charter school Enrollment Marketing datasheet here

Would you like to see how two schools saw sharp increases in overall web traffic and social media traffic as a result of our enrollment marketing efforts? Download our Enrollment Marketing Results datasheet below.


Digital Marketing for Charter SchoolsDigital Marketing for Charter Schools: An Actionable Workbook to Help You Achieve Your School’s Goals!

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