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September 12, 2014


To successfully serve students and provide an excellent education for all, every charter school needs funding. In Minnesota, charter school finance can come from many different sources. Follow these steps to make sure you’re tapping each source of funds for all they’re worth.

  1. Apply for grants. There are many grants available for new charter schools within the first 36 months of their operation, but other grants are available later on as well. The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools maintains a list of grants that offer Minnesota charter school finance. Additionally, the Minnesota Department of Education regularly grants money to top performing charter schools.
  1. General education revenue and transportation revenue are available from the Minnesota state government, per this set of laws.
  1. Charter school capital services are third-party businesses that specialize in raising money for charter schools. To find these services in your area, try searching for them online or in the phone book.
  1. Reach out to the local community. Organize bake sales, car washes, and other creative fundraisers with students’ help. Seek out local businesses willing to donate money to foster effective schooling for children in the area.
  1. Reach out nationally. Sometimes large, nationwide businesses sponsor innovative educational ideas; look for corporate initiatives that offer free computers or supplies to winning schools.

For more information about Minnesota charter school finance options, as well as charter funding in other states, follow our blog.

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