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How to Host a Successful Legislative Visit to Your Charter School

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March 6, 2019



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How to Host a Successful Legislative Visit to Your Charter School

Editor’s Note:
Elections may be over – for now, but it’s never too late to reach out and make connections with your local elected officials.
We wanted to share this incredibly helpful and information-packed toolkit that was put together by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. In it, you’ll learn the elements of a visit and each section will provide step-by-step detail to making a legislative visit to your charter school a success.
Members of congress, your state legislators, and other local elected officials can all be powerful allies that influence how charter schools are both funded and perceived.
And who better to share all of the amazing things that charter schools are doing, than you, a charter leader and someone deeply invested in the success of the charter school movement? This is a great opportunity to tout the accomplishments of your school, your students, and your community.
Here is your school visit checklist as outlined in the toolkit (download the complete toolkit for all the details):

  • Invite your representative or senator through National Alliance for Public Schools platform.
  • Schedule a date for the tour when the legislator is in his or her congressional district.
  • Coordinate a media plan with congressional staff.
  • Reach out to local press.
  • Share the agenda and other support materials with congressional staff.
  • Communicate with the school community.
  • Review materials and talking points for the visit.
  • Host the visit.
  • Follow up on media plan (press release and/or social media).
  • Thank your legislator.

Once you have your visit confirmed and scheduled, be sure to loop in the National Alliance to keep them posted!

  • Email the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools at
  • Be sure to include the email subject as “School Visit Confirmed: {Insert School Name} in {City, State}”.
  • Please list all relevant details about your school visit in the body of the email (who, what, when, where).

You can download the complete Hosting a Successful Legislative School Visit toolkit here.

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