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How to Find a Facility Space for Your Charter School

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October 20, 2021

How To Find A Facility Space For Your Charter School

Most charter school leaders have serious hurdles to jump to provide their students with an adequate school building. In fact, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, here are the five key things you need to know about charter school facilities: 

  1. Charter schools rarely have access to taxpayer-funded facilities, even when they’re vacant. 
  2. Charter schools on average spend about 10% of per-pupil funding on facility space. 
  3. Charter school facilities often lack amenities like gymnasiums, libraries, or science labs. 
  4. Access to school buildings is one of the biggest obstacles to expanding charter school options. 
  5. Five million parents want to send their child to a charter school, but don’t have the option. 

Put bluntly, this is exactly why Charter School Capital created the Facilities Financing program. We’ve been helping schools find, secure, finance, and improve their buildings for over a decade through our lease-back financing solution. And now we have a zero-cost bond option through our partnership with the non-profit, Wonderful Foundations.  

There’s nothing simple about charter school facilities; and while the program is a true game-changer for charter schools across the country, it can seem complex. So, we’ve created an on-demand webinar to learn more about the program, on your schedule. >>WATCH NOW 

If you want to learn more, about the facilities planning and facilities financing process for charter schools in general, check out some of these great resources:  

We’re here to chat if you have any questions or are wondering where to get started. Use the chat function in the lower right of this page, or simply email to start a conversation. 

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