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How Do You Win a 2022 Dewey Awards Grant?

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October 5, 2022


Now in its sixth year, the annual Dewey Awards seeks stories of life-changing educators—both current and past—from across the country. 

Mr. Dewey was the 3rd grade teacher of Stuart Ellis, CSC’s founder and CEO. Mr. Dewey was an exceptional teacher—he encouraged his students to think outside the box and saw the limitless potential in each student.  

 In memory of Richard Dewey, we’re inviting your stories of change-making teachers. Share your written or video story by October 28th for the chance at one of three $1,000 grants to be given to the charter school of your choice.  Submit your story here.  

You can share this opportunity with teachers, staff, parents, and students—all are welcome to submit! Here is a flyer to share with your community. 

Flyer image - 2022 Dewey Awards

Need some inspiration? Look no further than our past winners. You can also find some of the most inspirational quotes from their stories below:  

2017 winners 
2018 winners 
2019 winners 
2020 winners  
2021 winners

Mrs. Wright 

“When Theresa Wright started she had some kind of magic about her. I have been a teacher for over 14 years, and she did things that I couldn’t do. She walked the same walk as a lion who walks into the prairie; casual, cool, completely in charge. Even in the middle of a pandemic, she took the time to let her class share about their passions and when you walk in Mrs. Wright’s classroom today, post-pandemic, post-Distance Learning, you can hardly tell that it’s her classroom: It is their classroom.” 

Mrs. Tautphaeus 

“Joy is contagious. Infectious, even. School was always my escape from home… Mrs. Tautphaeus taught with a reckless abandon, making it obvious to everyone that she truly loved doing what she did. She made sentence structure a scintillating experience, turned grammar into a game, and made me fall in love with writing. To this day, I still love diagraming sentences! “ 

Mr. Kyle 

“He adapts, adjusts, but continues to hold families accountable. Ever since he joined our school there is happiness in the halls and humor around the corner. In a time like this, we need all the smiles and kindness we can get, and Kyle Johnson offers this. Why am I inspired by Kyle Johnson? It is because he is the teacher we can only hope to be.” 

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