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Happy World Teacher Day

Charter School Capital

October 5, 2017


Happy World Teacher Day!
Everyone has a teacher from their past that changed the trajectory of their life, their perspective on the world, or helped shape them into who they are today. Over the last month we’ve been sharing Stories of Inspiration from across the country.
We’re betting you have that standout teacher too – and you know exactly who it is. As we celebrate Charter School Capital’s 10th year supporting charter schools across the country and as schools enjoy World Teacher Day, we want to give recognition and thanks to the teachers that impact all our lives. So tell us who that teacher is who changed your life and inspired you to be who you are today. We will share these Stories of Inspiration and donate a total of $10,000 in school grants – $1,000 to 10 different charter schools, selected by the authors of the most inspirational stories. Submit your story here.
In the meantime, check out one of our latest submissions, by Henry Buford, Principal of Brooksville Engineering, Science, & Technology (B.E.S.T.) Academy:

“…I and several other black children were members of the first integrated elementary class in a small southern town in South Georgia. My mother gathered her things, took me by the hand, and left the room crying. As we were walking down the hallway an uninvolved teacher, Miss Archer approached my mother and asked what she okay and could she help. My mother shared with her what Miss Ware said. Miss Archer hugged my mother and said, I’ll take him into my class and make sure that he learned how to read. I can still remember her giving me a hug and telling me she loves me no matter what color I am…” Read the full story here.

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