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Genesee STEM Academy Grows with Charter School Expansion Funding

Charter School Capital

January 8, 2018


Genesee STEM Academy Charter School Expansion
We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with you about the inspiring facility growth of one of our charter school customers, Genesee STEM Academy. Genesee STEM Academy is located in Flint, Michigan and is a top-tier K-9 Charter School authorized by Saginaw Valley State University. Last year, we worked closely with Genesee STEM Academy to complete their Phase I charter school expansion and now we’ve just helped them complete Phase II of their facility growth, adding an additional 14,300 square feet! This newest phase increases their available space with 13 classrooms, four administrative offices, student and faculty bathrooms, and upgrades to their auditorium.
We’re always thrilled to be a part of the growth and success of charter schools and help them better serve students – and their communities. We also know that they’re ecstatic about taking control of their own destiny.
This successful charter school expansion would not have been possible without the strong partnership between Charter School Capital and the dedicated team at Genesee STEM: including—but certainly not limited to—Laura Legardye, Rita Cheek, and Pasquale Battaglia.
At Charter School Capital, we understand that access to adequate charter school facilities continues to be one of the top challenges facing charter leaders today. There are currently more than 1 million students on charter school waitlists around the country and a relative lack of accessible financing options for charter facilities needs. In order to reach and teach more students and reduce these waitlists, charter schools require state of the art facilities that allow them to continue to build quality educational programs for student success.
It’s our mission to help charter schools with growth capital and facilities financing. Because we partner exclusively with charter schools, we understand the operational challenges their leaders face and can deliver financial resources charter schools need to maintain stability and grow. By leveraging the support of our team, charter leaders can stay focused on the school’s most important mission – educating students.
All of us at Charter School Capital are sending Genesee STEM Academy our heartfelt congratulations on their inspirational growth and success!

Do you need to expand, renovate, or move your charter school?  We’d love to support you. It’s our mission to help you educate more students, so we focus on providing products and services that enable you to meet – and exceed – both your growth and facility goals. When you succeed, we succeed—it’s that simple.
We’ve reached out to our network of charter school experts for best practices and strategies for success at every stage of maturity. So, whether you’re just beginning the process of starting up a charter school, looking to expand or trying to prioritize your next steps, download our Charter School Growth Manual to get expert tips and pitfalls to avoid as you grow.

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