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February 2023 Texas Legislative Updates

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February 27, 2023

February Texas Legislative Update

Texas Legislative Updates

  • Governor Greg Abbott delivered a State of the State address, naming seven emergency items: school safety, bail reform, covid restrictions, fentanyl crisis, property taxes, border security, and education freedom. If a bill is related to the governor’s emergency items, members can vote on it earlier in the session.

  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick announces his top 30 legislative session priorities. He said, “… tradition has been for bill numbers 1 through 20 to indicate the Lt. Governor’s and the Senate’s priorities. In 2017, I increased the low bill numbers to 30. Senators like to get a low bill number because it shows their bill is also a priority … and has a great chance of passing.”

  • House Appropriations Chairman Greg Bonnen announced the appropriations subcommittee chairs and subcommittees:

    Subcommittee on Article III

    Gary VanDeaver, Chair
    Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Vice Chair
    John Bryant
    Mando Martinez
    Geanie Morrison
    Lina Ortega
    Carrie Isaac
    Carl Teppersad
    Kronda Thimesch

  • Doug Deason, a GOP megadonor, is teaming with former Chairman Larry Taylor and former Representative Ron Simmons to bring their perspectives to the school choice debate. They aim to give parents “a much stronger voice and say in the educational choices for their children.” They appear to be headed toward a clash with Texas House leadership on the matter.

Days until the 88th Texas Legislative Session Sine Die: 98 (May 29, 2023)

TEA & State Updates
  • TEA official Steve Lecholop admits public school funds could drop with voucher-like programs while advocating for voucher-like programs on behalf of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Lecholop’s secretly recorded comments appear to be the first time a top TEA official has explicitly spoken in support of expanding voucher-like programs.

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