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Facility Financing: Introducing An Innovative Approach

Charter School Capital

December 11, 2020


Our Creative No-Cost Bond Option

Recent changes and additions to our facility financing solutions strengthen and widen our role in supporting charter schools.

Traditionally, the options available to charter school leaders procuring, maintaining, and, hopefully, coming to own their school building have been a balance of tradeoffs between stability, flexibility, and cost. A long-term lease, for example, offers stability but takes away flexibility. To a large extent, we’ve all resigned ourselves to this tug of war between compromises.

Having served as an investment partner, a lender, and an asset manager, charter schools can trust Charter School Capital (CSC) to help with their real estate challenges. In fact, over the past nearly-14 years, we’ve helped 40 schools secure school facilities.

Our partnerships with Citibank and other key investors, along with organizations in the philanthropic sector, have substantially impacted this narrative. All of this leads to more and better choices.

In our recent webinar, Tommy Alberini and Mike Robinson delve into this landscape, explore the various tensions between cost and opportunity, and unfold our new strengths.

The webinar dives deep into the advantages and disadvantages of a self-issued Bond, comparing it and contrasting in terms of long-term and short-term benefits to other financing alternatives, including CSC’s lease-back approach.

However, one of our biggest new strengths is the no-cost Bond option, detailed in the webinar. This option affords schools long-term benefits similar to a self-issued Bond, avoiding the heavy toll of needing large reserves and paying hefty fees.

We encourage you to watch the full webinar and gain new insights into an essential aspect of school leadership. And, of course, reach out to us to discuss the best approach for your school.

Watch the Webinar Here

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