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Facilities Financing for Charter Schools – Webinar Recap

Charter School Capital

February 10, 2016


Learn4Life_039On Tuesday, February 2nd, Larry Reider, President of Charter School Property Solutions, joined Charter School Capital Co-Founder, President, and CEO Stuart Ellis to discuss facilities financing for charter schools as part of Charter School Capital’s ongoing webinar series.
As the Charter School Movement celebrates its 25th anniversary, there are now nearly 7,000 charter schools in 43 states, serving nearly 3 million students. However, there are more than 1 million students still on waiting lists and many charters are unable to get financing for adequate facilities to support the demand. In addition, as the Charter Movement continues to grow and thrive, many charter schools seek the long-term stability that comes with controlling their own facilities.
In this webinar, Larry and Stuart discussed the relative value of facility ownership versus long-term leasing. More significantly, Larry and Stuart discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of financing options available to independent charters, Education Management Organizations (EMOs) and Charter Management Organizations (CMOs).
For many charter schools, facility ownership has become synonymous with self-determination. However, long-term facility leasing may offer many of the same benefits as facility ownership, often with less capital investment and much less risk.
In an attempt to clarify the risks and rewards of facility ownership versus long-term leasing, Larry and Stuart provide an in-depth analysis and comparison of financing a facility purchase, a new build and long-term leasing options for either a new or renovated facility. Whether pursuing a cash purchase, or a bank- or bond-financed purchase of a new or pre-existing facility, there are many complex factors to consider, including:

  • How much can I afford?
  • What are annual costs?
  • What are options for growth in the facility? Will I outgrow the space too quickly?

While every charter school’s needs are unique, the analysis presented in this webinar can be used to clarify your organization’s facilities requirements and the variety of financing options available to your charter school.
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