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EdSource Article Points To California Association's Target On Low Performing Charter Schools

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February 13, 2014


EdSource LogoEdSource reported in an article earlier this week that the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) is continuing it’s efforts to recommend closure of under-performing charter schools across the state with it’s criticism of the San Jose school district for approving two new campuses for a local charter school.
Branche Jones, a legislative advocate who works with numerous California charter schools, explained that CCSA is using a metric based on an accountability system that no longer exists. Last year the California legislature suspended the API system because it was deemed outdated and does not conform with the Common Core standards. Currently, the SBE is developing a new set of assessments and accountability system.
“The standards CCSA is following is not the current statute, so when charters are up for renewal they are not trying to meet CCSA’s metrics, they are conforming with the state statute,” said Jones. “As a statewide advocacy organization, CCSA should be helping their members improve their academic achievement.”
According to Jones, CCSA tried to implement their own accountability system through legislation several years ago and were unsuccessful. The EdSource article highlights pushback from both charter schools, school districts and superintendents against CCSA’s efforts.
EdSource Article: Charter Schools Association Continues Push To Weed Out Low-Scoring Schools, by John Fensterwald
“Upping its campaign to root out what it views as its lowest performing schools, the California Charter Schools Association last week criticized a San Jose school district for allowing a charter school to open two more campuses next year…” Read More.

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