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Detroit Charter School Facilities Funding Builds Partnership

Charter School Capital

February 8, 2017


We are excited to announce that American Education Properties (AEP), the facilities arm of Charter School Capital, has acquired the building occupied by Detroit Public Safety Academy. The acquisition secures the charter school a facility location to operate for the long-term.
Opened in 2013, Detroit Public Safety Academy provides students in grades 7-12 with a curriculum tailored to careers in the public safety sectors, including law enforcement, fire and emergency services, corrections and security. Law and government career programs are also incorporated into the curriculum. For the 2015/16 school year, Detroit Public Safety Academy celebrated a 100 percent graduation rate, with all students going on to continue their education in college or safety academies, or straight into career employment.
“We are delighted to support the future of Detroit Public Safety Academy by acquiring the building in which it operates,” said Stuart Ellis, president and CEO of Charter School Capital. “This remarkable charter school thrives on partnerships with local businesses to provide alums with jobs and training, ultimately making Detroit a viable community for future generations. We look forward to supporting this institution for many years to come.”
Detroit Public Safety Academy is operated by The Leona Group, a charter management organization (CMO) driven by a philosophy that every child can and will learn, regardless of ethnicity, economic or educational disadvantage.
“Detroit Public Safety Academy brought its program to Detroit at just the right time, and Charter School Capital purchased the school’s facility at a crucial time in the academy’s growth,” said Richard Kerwin, executive vice president of acquisitions and dispositions for Lormax Stern. “It has been a pleasure working alongside Charter School Capital to assure a long-term home for Detroit Public Safety Academy, and ultimately a better tomorrow for the community.”
Today, more than 1 million students find themselves on waiting lists for their local charter schools. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools continues to highlight the lack of facilities options available to charter schools as a major issue charter leaders face. To meet this demand, charter schools require facilities that address the unique growth needs of each school and community and require access to capital to expand. Charter School Capital focuses solely on charter school needs, providing customizable facilities financing options to charter schools. Charter leaders retain control of their buildings and are afforded the flexibility to make the modifications necessary to expand their enrollment and academic programs.
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