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#ChartersWork Campaign Tackles Charter School Funding

Charter School Capital

July 20, 2017


The National Alliance of Public Charter Schools is continuing their ongoing work to address common misunderstandings about charter schools, such as charter school funding. Their first campaign launched was “The Truth about Charter Schools,” which focused on myths repeated and the actual facts about charter schools. They created infographics and other materials shared across social media and advocacy outreach to various states that illustrated how these myths create confusion about charter school funding, what charter schools are and the important part they play in serving educational needs of students.
Their latest effort, #ChartersWork, addresses the current state of charter schools within today’s political climate. Even with the monumental growth over the past five years (three million students attending nearly 7,000 charter schools), the parent demand for more school choice goes unmet and there are still more than one million students on charter school waiting lists.
We are happy to support the National Alliance’s latest efforts toward busting common myths about charter schools. Stay tuned for our own series of Myths and Facts related to charter schools, their structure, their funding, and their facilities options.

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