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Charter School Resource: Toolkit for New School Development

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June 6, 2018


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Charter School Resource: Toolkit for New School Development

Editor’s Note: The start-up stage includes the very first tasks required to form a charter school: hiring, launching, and running until 10 – 25% of your target enrollment has been achieved. Without a doubt, this is the most challenging and stressful stage for charter school leaders. If you’re at this stage now and you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. We found this charter school resource and hope that the toolkit we share provides helpful tips for you and your team to develop a strong charter, build culture and community support, and supports your growth.
We think it’s vital to keep tabs on the pulse of all things related to charter schools, including informational resources,  and how to support charter school growth.  We hope you find this—and any other article we curate—both interesting and valuable.

New School Development: A Toolkit for Charter Support Organizations and Charter School Founders

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The National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC) released a new toolkit to help Charter Support Organizations (CSOs) and charter school founders find key resources on opening a new charter school. The number of new charter schools opening each year is down in many states. Founding groups report a variety of challenges that make it more difficult to open new schools, including securing affordable and appropriate facilities and estimating enrollment or recruiting students, among many others.
In response to these challenges, the NCSRC has designed a navigational toolkit that provides a wide array of publicly available New School Design (NSD) resources from across the country. These NSD resources focus primarily on supporting founding groups during the planning and start-up phases of a charter school’s life cycle. Founding groups can use this toolkit to research CSO NSD services, find advice from charter school founders, and explore NSD resources to strengthen their understanding of what it takes to open a new charter school. This toolkit was developed with four main sources of data:

  1. Interviews with experts at state-wide CSOs that support NSD
  2. Questionnaire responses from charter school founders
  3. Reports from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
  4. Research on NSD resources

You can download the Excel spreadsheet referenced in the toolkit here.

Charter school growthThe Charter School Growth Manual
Although charter schools are champions of educational diversity, they typically face similar sets of challenges and encounter the same potential pitfalls, regardless of their focus, location, or population.
For this charter school resource guide, we turned to our wide network of charter school experts for best practices and strategies for success at every stage of maturity. All of the advice in this book comes from experienced charter school leaders who have been where you are now—they understand what you’re facing and the pitfalls to avoid.
Whether you’re just beginning the process of starting up a charter school, looking to expand, or trying to prioritize your next steps, download this guide to get expert tips and pitfalls to avoid as you grow.

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